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Chiropractic care is designed to restore the integrity of your nervous system.

I became a Chiropractor after being in a life-threatening accident in 1982. I was out of work for almost 18 months after surgery due to constant pain. I was unable to drive because of the amount and type of medication prescribed to me.

Finally I went to a chiropractor. After approximately six weeks of chiropractic care I returned to work! Because of the miraculous turn around in my health at the hands of a chiropractor – I decided to become a chiropractor myself to help other people with their health issues.

There is no better way to aid a patient’s health than with the Gonstead System of  Chiropractic.

Chiropractors remove or reduce interference to the nervous  system allowing the body to heal itself  naturally – the way it was designed.

The interference occurs when the nerves leaving the spinal cord are pressed, pinched or adversely affected by the vertebra when they are out of alignment. This is called a subluxation.

A subluxation is misaligned vertebrae causing swelling (physiological changes) that interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses at the point where they exit from the spinal cord traveling to vital organs, tissues and cells in our bodies.

The alleviation of symptoms is only part of the story.

Perhaps the most important role of the chiropractor is the maintenance of the nervous system so that potential non- symptomatic problems in the body are addressed.

Any time that the vertebrae negatively affect the nerves that pass through their natural conduit, the spine; there is an adverse effect on the area they supply. If you look at the Autonomic Chart seen here, you can see the path of the nerves as they exit the spine and the areas with which the brain communicates via these channels.


To illustrate this, think of a garden hose with a kink in it, if you remove the kink in the hose, water flows unimpeded into your garden allowing your plants to flourish. Should the kink remain in the hose, not enough water will reach your plants, causing them to both whither and die over time!