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Those of us who know Dr. Whitlow personally, realize that he fits the profile of one of life’s optimists.  But less of us are aware that he is also an Optimist with a capital ‘O’ following the path that his father Wayne Whitlow had taken almost 60 years ago. The civic group in Arlington to which ‘J B’ belongs is part of a worldwide network called International Optimists, the mission statement is “providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids.”  In this case, the youth of Arlington County.

Very few reasons draw the doctor out of the office, but in the run up to Christmas each year if you need an emergency appointment you may encounter your chiropractor smelling sweetly of pine sap.  Dr. Whitlow first builds then participates in the running of the Optimist Christmas Tree lot on Lee Highway.

As Past President, he has been involved in most of the events that the Optimists support and organize.  Oratory Competitions, Golf and Basketball Tournaments and Essay Contests, Arlington Babe Ruth Baseball, Youth Hockey, Youth Soccer and the Arlington Acorns Junior Rifle Team as well as the Scholarships and Tutoring Programs have all been a part of Dr. Whitlow’s Optimist past. — Jaine (Dr. Whitlow’s Office Manager)


“I owe so much of my decreased pain to Dr. Whitlow. This man has spent hours looking at my body as a whole. He examines the full body X-rays before every session and then measures my nerve activity. He is one of the most compassionate medical professionals, checking in on me via text and phone calls. Truly, he cares. I am not just another name on a long list of daily patients.” –Dana,  Bethesda MD

“Having spent the last two weeks in pain from a lower back injury, I was referred to Dr. John Whitlow. While I was hesitant to drive the distance to his office, I am glad I did. After a thorough examination, Dr. Whitlow diagnosed the issue and worked to correct it. As with most back injuries, the relief wasn’t instant, but I stuck with it and by the 4th day felt considerable relief. His assistant was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. They worked to fit me in around my schedule and were pleased with my progress. They are an excellent team and I can’t thank them enough” —Holly, Great Falls VA

“So… for those interested in this post, per (Office Manager’s) suggestion I got my ‘ears cracked’ this morning by my friend Doc John… I can honestly tell you that my ‘ringing’ diminished immediately. Not to mention, as the day wore on I became ‘more aware’ of how it diminished. You ‘sound folks’ out there? The treatment took off a huge chunk of the high-end buzz. If I were to put a percentage on ‘the amount of cure’ I’d say at this point – nearly 12 hrs after treatment – 80%. Yes, it’s still there but it’s lower frequency and not nearly as bothersome. We shall see if it returns and when. I will keep you posted.” — Parker, Falls Church VA

“Thank you Dr Whitlow, I made it through the Navy/Air Force half marathon today with no hip or back problems. You da warm hand man.” — Barrett, Arlington VA

“We have found a magic doctor.  Please consider a Gonstead Chiropractic Doctor for all your alignments.  My son has been suffering with DAILY headaches every single day of his life and has at least three migraines per month and with only three visits to Dr. Whitlow my son is virtually headache free.  We have been to other chiropractors in the past but Gonstead is a whole different approach finding out what specific nerves on the spine are causing the issues using this funky little gauge and then addressing the adjustment at that specific point. I would be more than happy to chat with anyone about my son. We have been to so many doctors, have gotten so many test, so many x-rays. Dr. Whitlow and Gonstead is really the way to go. It is all about the nerves talking to the brain! Very simple, what a no brainer! — Paula, Alexandria VA

“Have you heard the quote “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.”?
Dr. Whitlow sees the problem and creates the solution while educating you at the same time.
It is not easy to find a Dr. who actually spends time with you, more or less actually listens to what is really bothering you and cares about creating a life long plan to make you feel your best.
Look no further- Dr. Whitlow is one-of-a-kind!” Gina, Bethesda MD

Thank you so much for the referral to Whitlow Chiropractic.  With no appointment and just a phone call, Dr. Whitlow stayed late on a Saturday and opened early on a Sunday to help me out.   Chiropractors are truly selfless healers.   — Troy, Washington DC

“Dr. John, Thank you for being so kind and helpful when I was in one of my least comfortable moments. It is rare and wonderful to find a practice that is so dedicated to comprehensive and empathetic care giving. I’m so glad I found you!”   — Luci, Washington DC

“I first saw Dr John 10 years ago due to lower back pain that was causing me to take pain meds. In a short time Dr John cracked my back into shape! I gradually stopped going but then 3 years ago had to go back and he quickly got me back to no pain. Just recently I threw my back out again and again, Dr. John was able to stop the pain in just a few visits. I will now go every few months to keep my back flexible and pain free.”   — FG, Falls Church VA

“This summer I was at work during the Derecho storm. The speed of the wind was incredible, but it passed and I was able to ride my Vesper home with safety, so I thought. A tree came down in front of me along the George Washington Parkway and narrowly missed crushing me. I laid down my Vesper and was pulled out from under the branches by the police and bystanders from vehicles who saw it happen. As you can imagine, I was beaten up by the road and tree, but so lucky that I didn’t loose my head. Dr. Whitlow adjusted me the next day and twice more in the few days following my accident. I missed only 2 days of work as he had been able to ease my pain and address the injuries to my shoulder and back. I would recommend Dr. Whitlow to everyone. My wife calls him the Spine Whisperer.”   — Denis, Mount Vernon VA

This picture is Gigi, an outstanding young ballerina who comes for treatment when she is town.

“I am an active, physical man in my early 40’s.  Rugby is my sport, but unfortunately two and half years ago, I was in a very hard rugby tackle and I received an injury to my neck.  Since then I have had almost constant pain and turning right felt like a knife was in my neck.  I had consulted medical doctors who have been unable to alleviate my pain.   A friend introduced me to Dr. Whitlow, he gave me a thorough examination, took x-rays of me and gave me an adjustment which took away my pain for the first time since my injury!  I expect to be able to play rugby again soon”   — Chris, Mount Vernon VA

“My Thanksgiving “Thankful List” has your name in neon! I haven’t had a migraine since you last adjusted my neck!  While the stress levels have been abnormally high, there hasn’t even been a glimmer of pain.   An amazingly wonderful occurrence!  Thanks Dr. John!”   —  Kim, Greensboro NC

“I was vacuuming when the sacrum in my lower back popped and my spine felt like it couldn’t support my upper body.  At one point, I had sciatic pain for a full year and walked like a bent-over 90-year-old. Now, thanks to Dr. Whitlow, I can play tennis, bowl, and hike – do literally anything – and not worry about the ramifications.  Before I found him and the Gonstead method, I tried everything from acupuncture to Pilates to massive amounts of steroids.  I would highly recommend him, because I don’t need any drugs anymore and I have my life back.”   —  Vicki, Sterling VA

“Dr. Whitlow treated me for chronic acid reflux that had been bothering me for over 3 years.   The discomfort of this condition takes its toll and the solution from my many doctors was to prescribe medication.  I thought that I would be taking medication for the rest of my life.   After 1 adjustment by Dr. Whitlow, the painful symptoms disappeared.   After the second adjustment in one week, I went off the prescription medication and continue to be symptom-free of acid reflux for 9 months now.”    —  Rana, Arlington VA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Whitlow’s for 5 years. Initially I sought help for my asthma, which despite multiple medications was not well controlled.  With regular adjustments, I am happy to report that my asthma symptoms have improved 90%.  I have also noticed fewer headaches and decreased neck and hip pain. I would recommend regular chiropractic visits to keep the body working properly and with fewer needs for MD exams, medications and unnecessary tests.”     —  Claire, Falls Church VA